Trudeau supports illegitimate Haitian leader and Core Group

Trudeau supports illegitimate Haitian leader and Core Group

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For immediate publication | Canada in Haiti, Core Group and Neo-colonialism

Trudeau Haiti conference reinforces support for illegitimate leader and Core Group

On Friday Justin Trudeau, Mélanie Joly and Harjit Sajjan are hosting a conference to endorse illegitimate Haitian leader Ariel Henry. The Canadian sponsored conference seeks to undercut a broad civil society forum known as the “Commission for a Haitian Solution to the Crisis”.

“A tweet put Ariel Henry in power”, explained Monique Clesca, a member of the 13-person Commission for a Haitian Solution to the Crisis, in a recent CBC article headlined “Haitian commission sends message to Canada, U.S. — stop meddling in our government”.

“The Core Group of foreign ambassadors in Haiti appointed Ariel Henry”, noted Canadian Foreign Policy Institute director Bianca Mugyenyi. “Henry hasn’t been sworn in by any legitimate Haitian body.”

The “Core Group” is made up of the ambassadors of the US, Canada, France, Brazil, Spain and Germany as well as representatives of the European Union, United Nations and Organization of American States.

“Just imagine the Congolese, Indonesian, Nigerian and Filipino ambassadors releasing a collective statement on who should be prime minister of Canada. How would Canadians feel about that?”, added Jean Saint-Vil from Solidarité Québec-Haiti.

“The Core Group of foreign ambassadors has been dictating Haitians affairs for far too long”, noted Mugyenyi. “Friday’s conference is designed to reinforce US and Canadian domination of Haiti.”

“Insecurity is a major issue in Haiti”, explained Turenne Joseph from Solidarité Québec-Haiti. “But the country’s sovereignty being constantly attacked is a far more fundamental obstacle to Haitian prosperity.”

– January 20, 2022 –

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Solidarité Québec-Haiti
Facebook & Twitter : Solidarité Québec-Haiti

Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
Facebook & Twitter: Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

Reference on the holding of the international ministerial meeting on Haiti with illegitimate leader Ariel Henry: Global Affairs Canada

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° Solidarite Québec-Haiti se yon espas solidarite ak pèp Ayisyen an nan lit san pran souf pou granmounite li ak chèfmèt-chèfmetrès tèt li. | ° Solidarité Québec-Haiti est un espace de solidarité avec le peuple haïtien dans sa lutte continue pour sa souveraineté et son autodétermination. | ° Solidarité Québec-Haiti is a space of solidarity with the people of Haiti in their ongoing fight for their sovereignty and self-determination.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau supports illegitimate Haitian leader and Core Group

  1. jafrikayiti wrote in the french version comments section:
    The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti (January 31-February 1, 2003) was disastrous in every way.
    This meeting of racist plotters had agreed at Meech Lake that the legitimate government of Haiti should be overthrown and the country placed under UN trusteeship. Here is the harvest in 2022. Having started with 7,000 legitimate leaders in 2004, the occupation of the Core Group gives us a ravaged territory where there is not a single elected Haitian leader left who directs the destiny of 12 million people.

    It is high time to learn the lessons of this cruel experiment for which the impoverished black people of Haiti are paying the high price. Imperialism is and has always been a stupid and barbaric enterprise which must be abandoned at all costs.
    #BlackNationhoodMatters #NoMoreBlackFacePuppetsInHaiti #EndWhiteTerrorism”

    We challenged this state of affairs:

    The following petition was presented in the House of Commons by Bloc Québécois MP Mario Beaulieu – Petition file “#Ottawa Initiative on #Haiti” on March 22, 2021 around 3:38 p.m. on ParlVU:

    Petition to the House of Commons, Ottawa – Canada

    Fellow Haitians, friends, and allies, please sign this historic petition challenging Canada’s role in usurping Haitian sovereignty. If it garners at least 500 signatures it will be presented in the House of Commons and the government will have to formally respond. Solidarité Québec-Haïti is using this petition as part of its campaign to press Canada to withdraw from the “Core Group” and to stop propping up a corrupt, repressive, president Haitians overwhelmingly reject.

    Petition to the House of Commons

    – On January 9, 2020, Radio-Canada’s flagship news program, “Enquête,” reported on the “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti,” held at the Meech Lake government complex on January 31 and February 1, 2003;

    – No Haitian official was apparently invited to the private meeting. Officials from the United States, France, Canada and the Organization of American States in attendance allegedly discussed replacing Haiti’s elected government, having the UN intervene and re-establishing the Haitian army, which corresponds to the events that unfolded 13 months later;

    – “Enquête” suggested that the “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti” led to the creation of the “Core Group,” an alliance of foreign ambassadors in Port-au-Prince that many Haitians believe to be the real power behind President Jovenel Moïse; and

    – Ten years after the earthquake, accountability is needed regarding the allegations of misuse of relief funds during the period that Haiti is said to have been effectively ruled by the “Core Group” that allegedly brought to power the governments of Martelly and Moïse, who have been accused of corruption and repression.

    We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Quebec and Canada, call upon the House of Commons to:

    1. Publish all documents relating to the “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti”; and

    2. Hold a hearing of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development to learn everything there is to know about the “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti”, including its link to the “Core Group”.

    The news program “Enquête” on January 9, Peyi Lòk / Haiti sous influence was broadcast in French and contains relevant information about “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti” and the “Core Group”

    Also in French is the article by Michel Vastel, which has a direct link to the petition, that appeared in the March 2003 issue of the newspaper “Actualité”: ‘’Haïti mise en tutelle par l’ONU?’’

    #solidarity #turtleisland #canada #quebec #Haiti #Ayiti #justice #dignity #reparations #Coregroup #OttawaInitiativeOnHaiti

  2. Je supporte la manifestation du 21 octobre 2022 pour dire au gouvernement Canadien et les autres du Core Group de nous laisser en paix. Nous avons la capacité, la volonté et la compétence pour dessiner l’avenir de notre mère-patrie.

  3. Votre appui est important. C’est dans l’action ensemble et unis que nous pouvons faire front commun inébranlable et désarmocer ce compte à rebours néo-colonial et le propulser hors du coup d’Haïti.

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