Leader of Haitian terrorist organization unwelcomed in Montreal

SQH & allies denounce EDE Canada who plan to receive, on December 11th, Claude Joseph, recent illegal prime minister of the PHTK criminal regime, in a public meeting in Montreal. Impunity is not an option!


For immediate publication | Humanitarian crimes, Justice, Dignity, Reparations

Impunity is not an option!

Solidarité Québec Haiti and allies point out that the Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (PHTK) of former illegal President Michel Martelly is a terrorist organization of which any current and past leader, minister, or accomplice is considered collectively and individually suspect of blood crimes, financial crimes, crimes against humanity and/or crimes of high treason against the Haitian nation.

They must be judged accordingly.

SQH & allies denounce EDE Canada and its followers who plan to receive Claude Joseph, recent illegal prime minister of the PHTK regime, in a public meeting in Montreal, on December 11th.

This indecent initiative marks a flagrant disrespect for the valiant people of Haiti who are still struggling to free themselves from the PHTK criminals. This is at the very moment when the Canadian government announces sanctions against oligarchs and crooked politicians such as Abdallah, Deeb, Bigio, Martelly, Lamothe, Célestin, Latortue, Lambert, Fourcand, and other barons associated with the terrorist organization PHTK.

SQH & allies recall that serious suspicions weigh specifically on Claude Joseph for the role he allegedly played in several crimes including:

  1. The villainous assassination of the young student Louvois Petit on January 7, 2004, when Claude Joseph was a GNBist, alongside the putschist oligarch André Apaid Jr.

  2. The violent attack suffered by the late Reverend Father Gérard Jean-Juste, inside the church of Saint-Pierre, during the funeral on July 21, 2005, of Jacques Roche, cousin of the priest.

  3. The assassination of Jovenel Moïse on July 7, 2021, while Claude Joseph, head of the superior council of the National Police, and his subordinates offered no resistance to the assassins who invaded the residence of their hierarchical leader and president.

Impunity is not an option!

We must unite for a fair and equitable trial of the executioners of the Haitian people.

Justice, dignity, and reparations for Haïti!

– December 9, 2022 –


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Référence sur la tenue de l’assemblée publique prévue par l’organisation EDE Canada:
Coordination EDE Canada


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