It’s time to prosecute Haiti’s genocidists and their accomplices

It's time to bring Haiti's genocidaires and their accomplices to justice

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General mobilisation for Haiti’s forsaken self-determination

The horror is a daily occurrence in many ways in Haiti. The population is being targeted by individuals who are reportedly engaged in a war between rival gangs.

Solidarité Québec Haïti, echoing the Haitian people in their ongoing fight for self-determination, questions this narrative of events.

According to Frantz André who is a member of SQH:

“The reality is that the population is the victim of mercenaries who commit crimes against humanity with impunity because they are supplied with weapons and are endorsed by mafia families, the illegal government of Ariel Henri and international accomplices linked to the Core group.”

Solidarité Québec Haïti is in contact with people who are on the ground in Haiti or have recently left the country.

Testimonies would make it possible to identify individuals and organizations with direct or indirect responsibility for distribution of arms, the financing of mercenaries, the weakening of the state, widespread corruption, the exodus of skilled workers from the country and the gradual genocide of the Haitian population.

In order to have these testimonies heard at the International Criminal Court (ICC) or in any other judicial body empowered to receive them, Solidarité Québec Haïti aims to launch legal action against the genocidists of Haiti and their accomplices.

Solidarité Québec Haïti wishes to proceed in partnership and support of a collective of lawyers, allies and organizations ready to make a long-term commitment to the Haitian cause.

Manifest yourself !

Individuals or organizations wishing to support this quest for justice are invited to express their willingness to join us.

You can also email us all relevant information to help build the case for this lawsuit.



Let us echo the voices that are rising from Haiti, such as the following, among a most imposing number: Note of protest against the request of foreign intervention of the alleged government

Along with the legal process, in contrast  with media and establishments that are complicit by silence, or concealing crucial information, communities are mobilizing worldwide in massive numbers against foreign interference in Haiti.

Communities are rallying vigorously and courageously to denounce the real perpetrators of ongoing crimes against humanity in Haiti:

Continious rally in most cities in Haiti, which intensified between October 10 to 17, 2022, against foreign intervention in Haiti

Continious rallying led by KOMOKODA in the United States in coordination with other organisations, during this month of October, against foreign intervention in Haiti

Rally with KOMOKODA against foreign occupation in Haiti

Pan-African Rally in Ottawa ON Canada, October 21, 2022, against neocolonialism, Françafrique, racism and systemic discrimination against peoples of African descent


Rally in Montreal Qc Canada, October 22, 2022, against foreign intervention in Haiti

Rally in Montreal Qc Canada, October 22, 2022, against foreign intervention in Haiti

How can Canada, a so-called human rights country, agree to be part of the Core Group, an illegal association of ambassadors which is destroying an entire society, Ayiti? What happened to compliance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations signed by Canada in 1966? We invite the entire Quebec community to join us this Saturday, October 22, 2022, for a strong mobilization, because we are no longer in the time of colonization. Don’t do to others what you will never allow to be done upon you, Canada.


° Solidarite Québec-Haiti se yon espas solidarite ak pèp Ayisyen an nan lit san pran souf pou granmounite li ak chèfmèt-chèfmetrès tèt li. | ° Solidarité Québec-Haiti est un espace de solidarité avec le peuple haïtien dans sa lutte continue pour sa souveraineté et son autodétermination. | ° Solidarité Québec-Haiti is a space of solidarity with the people of Haiti in their ongoing fight for their sovereignty and self-determination.

2 thoughts on “It’s time to prosecute Haiti’s genocidists and their accomplices

  1. Hello,
    I just shared your Solidarite Quebec to realize that it may be one political party affiliation. If that is the case it would be saddening to me. If this group has an impact, how could it seek to help our hundreds PPs to align based on ideologies (left, center and right) If we were successful with that pursuit, the sum of positive actions could significantly impact burdened Haiti.
    Let me know if that is of interest and we could look at this closer.

    1. Hello!
      We exist primarily to support the struggle of the Haitian people for their sovereignty and self-determination. We do not have any political affiliation whatsoever. We exist to help the people, from outside, do what is more difficult to do from the homeland, in this major fight. Our actions aim to denounce attacks on the collective good, against our humanity and, counter misinformation in order to help keep minds alert to reality. We may initiate this specific action and it is the collectivity that will give it the impulse to keep going. Thus we are open to ideas, knowledge and experiences. Please tell us, what specifically do you want to take a closer look at?

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